About us

Bert Verstraete graduated as a laboratory technologist in 2004.  After a few years in a laboratory where he mainly worked on ISO9001 and HACCP standards, he decided to follow his passion and to opt for a job in the poultry sector. The one-on-one contacts with farmers and the visits to poultry houses are his preferred way of working, allowing him to establish enduring relations with clients and other stakeholders in the poultry production worldwide. It is this affinity and enthusiasm for all-things-poultry that inspires and encourages him to start writing his own story.

Dr. Sebastiaan Van Hoorebeke graduated as a veterinarian specialized in poultry in 2006. After obtaining his PhD (discussing the prevalence of Salmonella and antimicrobial resistance in different laying hen housing systems and identifying risk factors for persistence of Salmonella), he became responsible for the poultry division in a large scale Belgian integrator with the focus on turkey and broiler production. This function comprised all aspects of modern poultry production such as nutrition, general farm management, biosecurity, vaccination programs, zootechnical results etc. Later on, Sebastiaan joined a Belgian hatchery, adding hatchery and flock management throughout the different stages of the breeder parent stocks life cycle to his expertise.